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Rejuvenating Powers of the Seven Healing Rays.

The Seven Rays self-healing approach offers a new alternative healing therapy for cancer patients - one that can ease the post-surgery emotional and physical trauma, and help heal ones body, mind and spirit simultaneously.

The Seven Rays is a self-healing technique that can be easily learned and practiced immediately with satisfactory results. And, since this technique focuses on the mind-body-spirit response mechanism, a thirty-minute daily practice can speed up the patients total recovery and can help to prevent any future recurrence.

All conditions are either orderly or dis-orderly.

To explain further, the body functions in perfect health as long as the cellular structure is intact, and in perfect order. When a healthy cell is being constantly attacked by an onslaught of destructive negative emotional energy, it's once-orderly molecular structure begins to erode and deteriorate. In time, the once-healthy cell becomes a diseased, dysfunctional cell.

Anger, frustration, disappointment, etc. are emotions – are disorderly energy.
As love as an emotion is orderly energy.

As a result, when strong negative emotions, such as anger, fear or resentment are repressed - this negative energy is pent up, often stored in cells of the most delicate and vulnerable parts of the body; for instance the breast and ovaries in women, and the prostate in men. Over time, this disorderly energy interferes with orderly cellular function - and cancer can recur.

To put it very simply, the Seven Rays are orderly molecular energy or, the Seven Rays are orderly energy on the molecular and sub molecular levers. It is a life-force energy that serves to relieve and to correct disorderly molecular energy fields in the physical, mental and emotional body.