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In their own written words at the conclusion of the workshops:


Portland, Oregon

"Joy. Laugh. Healing. No words to describe the subtlety of consciousness shift." Yoko Asano

"I have received answers to several decades-old questions and for this I am grateful. Thank you! I am grateful to you, Carolyn & Lou, for arranging for Saladdin's 7 Ray workshop to come to Portland, and to Salahddin for bringing the gift." Rachel Barton-Russell, Legal Counsel

"I loved your way of explaining and showing the reality of all worlds working together. It was important for me to connect with the Masters and the light energies." Yvonne de Maat, Kindergarten Teacher

"I feel that the love and light has healed me. I am joyful. I cannot thank you enough!" Gigi DuBose

"I love the power & the simplicity of the healing work - it empowers everyone to become their own healer." Gina Gamage, Psychotherapist

"This workshop has been very moving and powerful for me. Thanks for your words & for your presence. God be with you." Sara Michener, Tutor

"Very very interesting workshop. I can see the results. Can't wait to start." Joseph Padgett

"I came this weekend to clear my blocks and boy did I get that, more!!! I now have been shown a way to help others & use my natural gifts. Thank you, Salahddin." Karen Phillips, Registered Nurse, Stroke Coordinator, Critical Care.

"It was a fascinating workshop. I loved meditations we had. I learned a lot about myself as well. I'm looking forward to using this healing techniques on many people!!" Tomo Schramm, Reiki Healer

"This weekend was the start of something wonderful." Johnny Van Herwaarden

"The workshop is a reminder that there is knowledge of great benefit to be shared. Thank you." Meryl Lee Thornton, Dental Technician


New Jersey

New Jersey

New Jersey 2

Salahddin and the participants in the Psychic Development Workshop and Seven Rays Workshop in New Jersey, May tenth Weekend, 2009


Calif 2
"I have had a wonderful experience of power and light. I feel lifted and have the freedom to conquer every new day with this empowerment." --Eleonora Judith Deem. Thousand Oaks, California
"This workshop was very empowering." --Evelyn Ochoa, Whittier, California
"An awesome step to self-realization on the path home. I feel it was time for me to reconnect with source. It was another gift from God. My gratitude to you, Salahddin, the Masters, and God. Om Shanti." --Joan Irani, Beverly Hills, California.
"Thank you Salahddin for touching my heart and soul. I experienced a coming home. I know now why I am set on earth..."
--Deborah Derr, Chiropractor, Simi Valley, CA



"This workshop was a Soul Cleansing Experience. The most amazing journey I have ever taken and an excitement that I can continue this journey and pass its colors and beauty onto others. Thank you Salahddin. Thank You Universe." --Elaine Bolton. Chesshire, England
"This workshop made me stronger and helped me decide how and where I want my life to go." --Georgina Whittemore, New Milton, England
"The word is "awesome." Feel like a new start to life enabling me to move on. With grateful thanks to my God for bringing me to this place." --Pamela Jordan, England
"Empowerment. Clarity. More soul understanding." --Miriam Martin. Southbourne, England.
"Humbled to receive the 7 rays gift. Salahddin, you are thought provoking and wise." --Elen Coffin, Stow, England
"This Workshop has taken me many steps to home. Thank you for your passion and integrity." --Jayne Corrolly-Bloom. Aylesbury, Bucks, England
"My confidence has been developed to the extent where I feel I can help other people and not just feel sorry for them."
--Alison Bailey. Hampshire. England
"Thank you for helping me find a feeling of self esteem and sense of perspective and direction in my life." --Sonia Wren. Herts, England
"I know the way home, I am touched by the light divine." --Reznana Robson. Combria, England.
"Freedom to speak from the heart. Thank you." --Karen Marshall, Hymington, Hampshire.
"The 7 Rays has raised my level of awaremess, enabled release of karmic issues and provided me with a way of helping others more. It feels so right. Salahddin Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." --Denise Akers, Therapist/Healer. Wendover , Bucks, England.


New York

"The Seven Rays is the most powerful healing modality I have experienced, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be initiated into it. I am really looking forward to using the Seven Rays in my healing work. Salahddin, you are a wonderful inspiration and great teacher." --Melissa Zwanger, M.A., M.B.A., New York City
"I enjoyed the light heartedness of your energy and the ease in which you transferred this marvelous healing modality to enable us to continue to grow as healers." --Liz Chrystea, New York City.
"One of the most enlightening experience of peace, love, warmth and healing I've received since a mother's hug." --Bless Ji Jaja, Brooklyn, NY
"A very powerful workshop" --Barry Seedman, Psychotherapist Ph.D., NYC
"I feel this is the best course yet. It exceeds my expectations" --David F Stone, Baldwinsville, NY

Bermuda 2


"Experiencing the Seven Rays workshop for a second time was more powerful than the first. Words are too inadequate to describe." --Gillian M. Valise, Reiki Master/Teacher, Hamilton, Bermuda
"An incredible and profound experience of self discovery. I feel blessed and clean and very grateful." --Anita Baker, Pembroke, Bermuda
"A truly inspirational and enlightening experience. I leave feeling lighter, more complete, inspired and with a fixed smile on my face. God Bless you." --Melissa Gramham, Massage Therapist, Southampton, Bermuda.

Sedona photo

Sedona, Arizona

"This weekend has been a long awaited answer to prayer. A wonderful journey with much loved comrades. Thank you Salahddin for being such a loving and wise guide."--Pamela Baldus, Cottonwood, Arizona
"I feel like so many layers of my being were addressed and now are beginning to heal. I am so grateful and blessed to be a channel of light and compassion in this world. I feel like closer to integrating with my highest self."--Michelle Ramba, Sedona, AZ
"Today was an opportunity for growth and expansion." --Nancy Sweet, Sedona, AZ
"This workshop has given me my life back. Hope is alive." --Cheryl Foster, Scottsdale, AZ
"Wonderful! The emotional release technique is a priceless gift." -- Mary Lyons. Sedona, AZ
"I was able to wash away some old thoughts and feelings that no longer serve me. Thank you." --Cathy Marshall, Tempe, AZ
"I take with me the knowledge and teachings of energy healing to better serve others."--Laura Alter, Mormon Lake, AZ
"Came in here pretty closed minded. I had a definite change of mind. It really makes sense to me." --Manly Loglesong. Glendale, AZ
"I really enjoyed this workshop knowledge. Life changing experience."--Sandy Loglesong, Glendale, AZ
"This weekend has helped me to come to some conclusions about my work. Thank you." --Pat Lee. Bilbent, AZ
"I am thankful for the initiation of the Seven Rays, and inspired to be a carrier of the Light. Thank you for this activation in healing." --Dr. Donna M. Sgariglia. Sedona, AZ
"I gained a much broader understanding of energy healing. I thank you for your love and warmth in sharing your knowledge." --Christel Djukich, Chandler, AZ
"The Seven Healing Rays has been a very powerful experience. I feel as if I have been given a very precious sacred gift. Thank you." --Christina C. Deming, Sedona, AZ
"I received advancement from higher power to be a vessel for the Seven Healing Rays." --Margie Huger, Kingman, AZ
"I am excited about working with the Seven Rays. It is so potent and simple to use, so direct and healing." --Altonah Lampe, Sedona, AZ



“During the workshop, a feeling of spiritual re-birth and renewal took place. I am eager to continue learning and becoming a healing practitioner. Thank you Salahddin for the personal encouragement you gave to me.” --Alberta Smith,  College Park, Georgia.
"I have benefited greatly from the Seven Rays, gaining yet another modality. I have noted the different energies and their benefits and look forward to applying their benefits in the future.”  --L. E. McLemore Ph.D. DCN,  Atlanta Georgia.
“This has meant crossing over the threshold at the Golden Gate, into the Land Home. Thank you.”  --Pat Squires, Atlanta, Georgia 
“The Gift has been a blessing as I have been able to get in touch with me. Thank you, Salahddin, for the knowledge, the blessing and the spiritual shifting in my life, much needed.” --Captain Rafael E. Veleze, Delta Airlines, Atlanta Georgia
"This workshop has been such a wonderful, empowering, beautiful experience. It definitely has been an answer to many prayers. I am committed to my service to God and I am so thankful for this experience and the gift of The Seven Rays. Love and Light.” --Michelle Ragnella, Dunwoody, Georgia
“Thank you Salahddin for being such a beautiful facilitator. May you always walk in Love, Light and Laughter that you share so beautifully.” --Gerri Brooking, Forsyth, Georgia.  

A Personal Experience of the
Seven Rays Workshop Activity:
Shared by Janice Ammon, workshop participant

In this "New Millennium of Light," I came across the most mystical, magical and practical healing modality at a weekend intensive workshop, "Discover the Universal Power of Healing with the Seven Rays."

The workshop was all about how to personally channel, apply and work with specific healing energies embodied in each of the seven rays. Each ray transmits a specific divine energy, from a divine power source (like a "divine power plant").

Each ray vibrates on its own individual frequency to heal a specific condition. There is a ray to enable cancer survivors to prevent recurrence. Another ray can restore inner peace and harmony, where there were deep emotional scars before.

Workshop leader Salahddin, Grand Master of the Universal Fellowship of the Healing Rays, began by focusing on exercises designed to clear out much of the old baggage -- those buried mental and emotional blocks that hold us back from achieving our full potential.

The purpose of these exercises, Salahddin explained, was "to heal the healers first," to cleanse our minds and emotions so we could be clear, unblocked channels for the healing light.

When these purification sessions concluded, I was amazed at how I felt! Miraculously, I was released from old mental and emotional hurts that had weighed me down for such a long time. Free at last, my inner self was now ready to take a personal journey back into earlier lifetimes, to discover powerful inner strengths that would empower me to master and overcome new challenges still ahead in my life's journey.

Excited about this new vision, I was now spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepared to receive the healing power of the seven rays. As this amazing power was passed on to me, I instantaneously felt as though I was "plugged into the light." This was a much more intense, deeper connection to the light than I had ever imagined possible!

Each of us worked with one another, to determine what physical, mental and emotional conditions needed healing. We proceeded to draw upon, and direct, the appropriate seven ray energy to the proper areas of the body. This same healing procedure could be self-administered later on, to give ourselves a seven ray healing each and every day. A new technique to release emotional and mental stress -- plus a new anti-aging procedure designed to rejuvenate ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually -- were other magical self-healing tools we acquired.