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The Seven Rays are sub-aspects of cosmic energy
of different vibrations, quality, frequency and color. The Seven Rays are the expression of Divine universal order.

They correspond to the different functions and systems of the body. Thoughts and emotions vibrate with relatively light energy. The physical organs correspond to a more dense energy.

Similarly, the Seven Rays are highly diversified in their scope. Each ray is Divinely designed for healing a particular process or organ.

When a Seven Rays healer applies the rays of
the appropriate energy-frequencies to a disordered condition of the body or emotions, balance and vitality are restored. This simple, but powerful technique, becomes is a tool for life!

This highly intensive workshop is designed in
such a way that once you have completed it you will be able to give Seven Rays energy healing to yourself and others both near and far with confidence. You will become Seven Rays Energy practitioner by the conclusion of the workshop.

   The Experiential Training Course Includes: 
* How to apply the Seven Rays to heal yourself, others and animals, near or far.    
* How to release anxiety & emotional blocks in your way to success.    
* How to let go of old relationships and give yourself a Seven Rays “Facelift”.        
* Energizing the creativity within to spark more personal achievements. 

Alice Bailey expounded on the cosmic energy embodied in each of the Seven Rays
in the "SEVEN RAYS MADE VISUAL" now in paperback, published by DeVorss.

"This workshop has taken me many steps to home." Sonia Wren: Martin, Hampshire, England.

Salahddin is a dynamic figure in the field of personal growth and empowerment

First Time in Portland!
Conducted by 7 Rays Grand Master Salahddin, UFHR

Weekend of June 20 and 21: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Super 8 Motel, Woodburn, OR

Weekend Workshop Fee is: $145 if paid by June 10 th, afterward the fee $170.
Seating limited. Register early. For reservation, please call: 503-951-4230
For more on the Rays and workshop activity, please visit
To schedule a private session with Salahddin email


A personal experience, step-by-step, of the Seven Rays Workshop

by Janice Ammon, A New York Writer.

In this "New Millennium of Light," I came across the most mystical, magical and practical healing modality at a weekend intensive workshop, "Discover the Universal Power of Healing with the Seven Rays."

The workshop was all about how to personally channel, apply and work with specific healing energies embodied in each of the seven rays. Each ray transmits a specific divine energy, from a divine power source (like a "divine power plant").

Each ray vibrates on its own individual frequency to heal a specific condition. There is a ray to enable cancer survivors to prevent recurrence. Another ray can restore inner peace and harmony, where there were deep emotional scars before.

Workshop leader Salahddin, Grand Master of the Universal Fellowship of the Healing Rays, began by focusing on exercises designed to clear out much of the old baggage -- those buried mental and emotional blocks that hold us back from achieving our full potential.

The purpose of these exercises, Salahddin explained, was "to heal the healers first," to cleanse our minds and emotions so we could be clear, unblocked channels for the healing light.

When these purification sessions concluded, I was amazed at how I felt! Miraculously, I was released from old mental and emotional hurts that had weighed me down for such a long time. Free at last, my inner self was now ready to take a personal journey back into earlier lifetimes, to discover powerful inner strengths that would empower me to master and overcome new challenges still ahead in my life's journey.

Excited about this new vision, I was now spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepared to receive the healing power of the seven rays. As this amazing power was passed on to me, I instantaneously felt as though I was "plugged into the light." This was a much more intense, deeper connection to the light than I had ever imagined possible!

Each of us worked with one another, to determine what physical, mental and emotional conditions needed healing. We proceeded to draw upon, and direct, the appropriate seven ray energy to the proper areas of the body. This same healing procedure could be self-administered later on, to give ourselves a seven ray healing each and every day. A new technique to release emotional and mental stress -- plus a new anti-aging procedure designed to rejuvenate ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually -- were other magical self-healing tools we acquired.